20 November 2014


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Exactly a month ago on 20th October, I officially turned 21. There is no extraordinary feeling about being 21 but I do feel that time really zoom by in a blink. Well, they say "every year seems to pass by extra quick when you hit 20s", I guess that is true to a certain extent.

My 21st party was spent over silver balloons, polaroids, a delicious and beautifully baked red velvet, together with my relatively large paternal family and close friends from church. On a side note, I'm really pleased with my cake from The Dispensary. Claire efficiently liaised with the chef on my order and they paid added attention to my requests. I've tried the highly raved red velvets from Hummingbird Bakery in London but I honestly still prefer The Dispensary's. (I miss my birthday cake now)

The actual birthdate began with a midnight surprise – N popped by my house with a box of handmade brownies, which marks his virgin experience in baking. My day was spent quietly, not in a hurry unlike every other day and I truly appreciate that. I got to sleep in a little more before going back to work the next day (you guys must be thinking how sleep deprived I am, well I actually am and need lots of sleep). I had dinner at iO Italian Osteria where they serve fairly good, authentic Italian cuisine albeit the small portion for big eaters like N and I. We ended the night reliving some childhood arcade games such as Daytona (car racing) before heading back to our respective homes.

Once again, I feel extremely blessed to be so loved and to be able to enjoy a peaceful birthday after a pleasant vacation. My deepest thanks to all who have sent me your well wishes and blessings! x

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