29 October 2013


This was a dress I got quite awhile ago, but only wore it out recently. Originally it had a thick elastic band around the waist, which didn't suit me at all but you know, being blinded by the price tag, I eventually made the purchase (it was about 70% cheaper from its retailing price that's kinda why).

After keeping it close to 4 months, I have decided to work my fingers a little to 'edit' it – open the flap inside and removed the elastic band where it was hidden and tada! Albeit shapeless but its now a really comfortable dress which suits me more than cinching my waist. Can't imagine how much longer it might have to hibernate in my wardrobe if I didn't do anything about it.

Thank you N for this bag as a birthday gift. It's not just a bag but an everyday, everywhere bag. Received it at a perfect time since both my previous black bags from Taobao had torn with only a few months of usage. I can't be more thankful, not just for the gifts but really for the effort and sincerity, xx.

G.V.G.V x Uniqlo dress, Zara bag, New Balance shoes

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