24 October 2013


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This is the result of my third attempt making the pinhole camera (an analog handmade camera) which I had to do for a school assignment + experiment. It was a love-hate relationship. I got so fed up on my first try, because it turned out to be entirely blank – wasted a roll of film. On my second try I finally saw some very faint but also over exposed imagery. Thankfully I am quite pleased with my third experiment.

I have always love the raw aesthetics of film photographs. The anticipation of waiting to see the outcome of film photos is something entirely lost in the age of instant digital photography because we're too accustomed to review the image right after we capture the shot and we have the privilege to take a thousand shots because we can delete them if it looks bad. Despite this form of 'older' photography being quite costly and having to experience that rather impatient wait after every shot, each image will always appear different and because this is now lost amongst us, analog photographs become really precious to me.

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