24 July 2013



01  Flowers from my parents' bedroom; artificial but pretty. Not the first time making its appearance on my blog or instagram, but it always captures my attention, especially in the morning.

02, 03  I sewn a zip onto the lunch bag clutch my friend Lesley made for me. And finally packed lunch out with it, it is now truly called a lunch bag.

04  1900hrs last Sunday. Thankful for a clear sky once again after the haze incident.

05  Sinful peanut butter toasted morning meal and honey lemon water. This happens on days where the fridge is empty; no fruits, no veg, no meat, no egg. But my mom stocked up the fridge today!

06  My first time shooting eyewear, struggling with the reflective lenses. Here's for my dad's optical business. We're working on a mobile app right now!

07  A door in my church that's older than almost all of us who's alive. My church which I came to since birth is about 160 y/o, and I'm really amazed by its great architecture English missionaries came to build so many years ago, so that we can come into the house of God to worship. There is always a sense of reverence and peace whenever I enter the sanctuary.

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