05 October 2013


Just a few visuals in representation of my attempt of relaxing a little bit more on my weekends – which is a mere 2 days, I feel your #tgif and #mondayblues fellow undergrads but I'm aware I lead a much relaxed life than working adults and those in National Service. I still try to balance school work, church commitments and time with my loved ones. The above were from the past 2 separate weekends.

01  A booklet I designed and simply bound with a compilation of heart felt words from circle of friends for N's birthday.
02  Lunch at National Museum's Food for Thought. I was rather taken aback when that dish was served. For a usual glutton like me, I couldn't finish the portion. Do share with someone even if you can finish this on your own, it's for health-sake. Don't get me wrong, the chicken with curry powder is indeed tasty together with that zest of lime mayo sauce but truth to be told, deep fried and healthiness don't go along.
03, 04  Terrariums and fresh raw seafood at Pasarbella. Didn't get to try the seafood though, as I have already set my stomach for paella (plus I wasn't financially capable for fresh raw seafood that afternoon).
05 Found a still-in-construction area with no passerby, so here's presenting an #ootd.

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