02 January 2014


I know I'm late but first off – Blessed New Year! I spent a long day and night in church reflecting 2013 and setting goals for 2014, staying up till 530am after the countdown and then proceed to knock out when I got home (I'm not a person who stays up late so being waking in wee hours is such a torture to me). So now on the second day of the new year, I have finally compiled my past year as best as I could.

In May, I completed my Diploma in Fashion Media (previously known as Fashion Communication) and eventually started on my final BA (Hons) studies. I am privileged to have a few of my works being showcased in Lasalle's exhibitions. As 2014 began, I'm left with my final semester as a student. What comes after my graduation is still quite unclear at this point but I trust in God's sovereignty and I'll await for his call as I complete my studies.

2013 also saw me starting to enjoy the art of cooking which I used to find it a chore. Though I don't cook often when I'm busy, I do KIV possible recipes I can attempt next time. Here are some I felt were considered quite successful! This reminds me how long I have not cooked but its time to.

I started attempting analog photography, something I'm trying to explore further as well but I don't see myself doing this frequently as film photography is quite a pricey hobby and it would hurt my wallet a lot if I do this frequently. Anyone knows a shop that sells cheap films and develop photos at a lower price?

I turned 20 on 20th October and I'm very thankful that in these 20 years of breath, I'm able to be a child of God since birth. We should never be defined by our age; to see a person grow more mature, lovable and Christ-like is much more important regardless of age. This year I will be turning 21, I'm not sure if holding a party to celebrate is necessary but my mom likes the idea of it and I think it would probably be a good opportunity to have a family gathering as well as reconnecting with friends. I don't hold birthday parties, so if I do, I definitely not want it to be like the typical 21st parties.

In my personal style wise, I think it has became more minimal. I've never really been able to describe my style in a few words, I think I'm a comfortable minimalistic while balancing femininity and masculinity. Ok, not sure if anyone gets what I mean but its somewhere along the line. DIY is something I'm still very interested in but it stops when school's hectic workload gets in the way. Hoping to be able to continue sharing #joeydoesdiy on the blog.

Mid of 2013 I went across the border to Johor Bahru for a short church retreat, and in December, instead of going for the usual winter vacation, my family went for a sail on a huge ship and also visited Bangkok twice (which I will share more in time to come). I'm always travelling within Asia but I don't complain about it. Though I'm patiently awaiting for a trip to Europe or Australia and many other places in the world, I'm thankful I have the health and family financial ability to travel. My second Bangkok trip was my first time travelling without my parents and also not for a school trip with teachers. It was an enjoyable experience with my cell group, and I learnt a lot, it being not able to rely on my parents throughout trip and taking full ownership of big and small things like my valuables, checking into flights, searching for transport etc. Through this trip, I also met fellow Christians and got to know my cell group mates (friends I've known for my entire life) even better and deeper.

2014 will be a tough one but I do look forward to it, with better things to come at the end of it. I'm also going to be stricter with myself as to saving up financially for the future. I don't have a long list of resolution but here are two after reflecting upon myself over the year: 01 To build a closer relationship and spending more time with God through personal devotions. 02 Be a more patient and lovable person to the people around me.

I realised I didn't manage to update this blog regularly in December as I had promised to, been travelling and couldn't sort the photos out quickly. Secondly, does anyone has any idea how I can get rid of this slideshow function in all my photos? I don't know if its annoying to any of you but it does to me. Lastly, thank you to those who have been following my blog and taking some time to read them. It means a lot to me even though I don't know who you are, at least I know I'm not writing these to nobody. It makes me enjoy blogging more and more (except for certain #firstworldpain issues that makes blogging a pain), and I will continue to blog.

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