22 January 2014


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Black and White is still one of the easiest colour (or rather colourless) combination, I'm aiming for days where I don't find myself staring at my not very extensive wardrobe thinking of an outfit – don't you agree we sometimes spent too much time doing that? I'd like to channel that energy and time to doing something else, like abs workout which I have unsuccessfully keep up with (did it only thrice over the week, I'm really hoping to do it daily because it takes me less than 10 mins to do so). I think dressing effortless is key and it all simplifies to the essentials, but it'll take me a long while before I can achieve a minimalistic wardrobe because first, I need to sell the clothes that generally don't suit me anymore. So help me out here, pretty please?

taobao shirt / thescarletroom jacket

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