21 July 2014


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In the past 2 years, I learnt that age is just a number, and we should not solely be defined by our age. The world, the society marks adulthood to someone who turns 21. Instantly, you become a grown up, you get certain "life accesses", the key to freedom what not. I've seen many who are above 21 y/o treating life or making decisions and choosing to do certain things in a rather immature, and sometimes reckless manner. I guess we all learn someday, so isn't age a subjective indicator of who we are?

As I'm turning 21 this October, I get asked a lot on whether I will be throwing a birthday party. And answer is – yes, I will be! BUT by celebration, I do not mean throwing an extravagant, overtly decorated, almost like a wedding kind of birthday bash filled with people to celebrate my 'freedom' or 'coming of age'. I want a birthday 'party' with less limelight on myself, but focus on building closer bonds within my family.

Birthday isn't just about me, but about those who grew up with me, going through thick and thin and shaping me to who I am today. And most importantly, it is about God. The King of King chose to create me!

Birthday is about thanksgiving. I thank God for creating me, for making me his child, for blessing me with my parents. I thank my parents for all they've given me unconditionally. Sure, I've had many times I find myself unhappy with them, there were also countless times I've upset them. All in all, I love them and honour them.

So how am I celebrating mine? Honestly, I want it simple – have a meal in an intimate setting with my parents and sister, with my grandma, with N. No big, crowded, pocket burning parties. Just last month, I had a short "staycation" at my beloved Ah Ma's (my paternal grandma) place and she expressed that she would like me to have a 21st birthday celebration gathering all my relatives. I hesitated initially, not because I didn't want to meet up with my relatives but my paternal family is considerably large, which amounts up to almost 30 pax and I've always wanted to have it small and simple. After much thought, I was reminded that if family gatherings make Ah Ma happy, her interest would be mine. I've decided that it would somewhat be a simple celebration (albeit not as small scaled as I hope it would be) with my paternal family – just food, a birthday cake and one family.

Not just a 21st birthday resolution, but a lifelong practice on what I hope to improve:
Be more contented. Cook better. Become more loving. Less bitter. Live simpler. Be thankful.

Everyday is a gift.

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