27 July 2014


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Somehow weddings are one of the trickiest occassion for me in dressing up. Maybe you're wondering why.

Well it's because most of my dresses and wedding suitable clothings are in black, and it is a colour that is still considered rather inappropriate for joyous occasions such as Chinese Lunar New Year and weddings in Chinese culture to the elders. For the past several weddings I've attended in the last few years, I'd usually heck it and wear it. But I now try to refrain from black for such occasion as much as I can for respect purposes, and opt for other muted tones such as this simple outfit for my cousin's solemnisation – sans black, humid weather friendly and comfort all together.

On this note, I wish I could do more justice to this pleated pants through photos. It belongs to my mom which I conveniently stole, no I mean borrow from her wardrobe. This pants makes me want to sleep or dance around in it. A surprising new silhouette on myself, since I've never really worn a flare type of bottoms before. I think I might frequent this pants more often now.

Mango shirt, pleated pants from Bangkok, Fleuraw blocked heels, Katie Judith bag

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