09 December 2010

bell house, BBQ Box

A few weeks back, our pastor brought us to our church's bell house.


The bells are located at the top, nearer to the pointy area.

8 bells of different sizes for the notes in an octave.

Those roman numerical wordings at the top of the bells tells the date it was made.


The long, shaky but still safe ladder we have to climb to get up, so scary. I wanted to give up when I was in midway of the ladder but well, still manage to climb up and down. The entire place was so stuffy and hot, sweat a lot. No fan.





Met up with some of my classmates for a dinner in celebration for June's (Kwon Ji Eun) 20th birthday at BBQ Box located at Kallang.


I bought my favourite Marigold juice, POWERBERRIES. Super awesome drink. Makes me refresh and its kinda healthy. 5 berries plus some anti-oxidant benefit. Try it! Anyw I bought my own juice from supermarket cause the rest are drinking alcohol. I drank before and have no idea why people like it. Ok different taste I know. But its so bitter and I find the smell so disgusting!? Also I don't like feeling 'hot' and getting red faced after drinking. So embarrassing when you're heading home by public transport. And I'm v sensitive to alcohol, I vomit if I drink about 2 cups? So, I don't drink. Yup. I just hate it, I'd rather drink traditional green tea than alcohol. Its healthier and makes you slim down rather than giving you beer belly and vomit, getting headaches etc..

Ok back to the food,
This is beancurd skin plus veggie, a very yummy dish!



The chef uses the same spice for everything, v delicious though its oily = fattening. But well, go home drink traditional tea can cut down fats :)

Paid $24 each although I didn't drink at all. Ok I did, like 3 sips? Not worth it but still... :/ Spent so much on food :(


Gave June her present and look at how happy she is! Haha, she looooves giraffes a lot.

Debbie, Denissa and I.

Classmates plus June's friend and Steven's friend.

Will be blogging more often with photos before I leave Singapore in 15 days time. Those images of food is making me hungry :< Gna leave home soon and meet my parents at Chinatown for dinner!

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