16 December 2010

last week







Attempted sewing a simple top last week but I'm now stuck at the sleeves area, I'm going to my grandma's house later to seek help. I did not measure properly so the top that I've sewn so far is so huge. I can wear it oversize but it doesn't look nice on me :< oh well, learning experience.

This week has been soooo boring at home. I've been home since tues. I do nothing except surfing the net and sleep and eat and stone. I should have done some drawings or painting but I'm so lazy to do. I want to enjoy this holiday but I think its too short and everyone are just too busy to meet me.

PS: I know this is a very boring post cause I am feeling very bored. Going to visit the dentist later, I'm paying for my own dental fees, no money already.


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