20 December 2010

ikea food

IKEA 圣诞大餐, nice :)






I loveeee christmas. It has always been my favourite season of the year. Its joyous, fun, loving & meaningful :) A time when you have a good reason to shop and eat! A time also to remember Jesus's birthday :)

Had dinner with my family @ Ikea tampines. Its our first time at the tampines' outlet and got lost along the way there (my dad's gps gadget is not reliable).

Photo on 2010-12-19 at 23.22 #2

Photo on 2010-12-19 at 23.28 #4

I need a haircut... No short hair/ dying/ rebond/ bangs. I think I'm just going to trim my ends, shorten my fringe. Like the same, just shorter length. I've been having this hairstyle since 12, with a few slight changes in between but I like it, I think its the only hairstyle that can suit me at the moment. I can't imagine other hairstyles on me right now.

Leaving Singapore this fri morning, still have quite a lot to pack into my luggage. So lazy to pack. I'm gonna be wearing turtle neck almost everyday.. I don't like turtle necks but no choice, that's all I have suitable for a bitter winter. I'm a quite excited for this trip but also a little reluctant to leave for 9 days :/ Well well, time flies and I'll be back in a blink of an eye. Look on the bright side!


Elizabeth said...

Joey! You should try having BOB hairstyle! I can imagine you with it. I think you'll look nice!

By the way, the pictures are making me hungreh!!! WOOH~

Joey Low said...

Haha wah bob. I cannot have short hair leh, I will cry! -.- the last time I had short hair was like pri 1 and someone lied to me. Don't know if I told you abt tht before haha. I think my face too round, need long hair to cover more of me :/

Joey Low said...

And haha yeah the food looks so good! You should try it! The xmas meal is only during dec so go before dec ends! :D