20 December 2010

christmas tree

I know I've been blogging a lot lately. Am in the blogging mood and since I have pictures so I'll just blog them :) Using my other camera to capture these photos.


I need to seriously get sick of bubble tea because I have been drinking A LOT of bubble tea since nov. Anyw I tried vanilla milk flavour 80%, its quite nice, a diff taste from the normal milk tea I always drink.





I have a mosquito bite on my face :<

Arella and I has a lot of similar things. We have 2 same pairs of the shoe (bought without knowing we got the same design), similar clothes, sees a pretty girl walk pass both of us will turn to look at her again and look at each other and go "she's pretty!" hahaha.

This cute wedding vespa! Didn't get a better shot of it. It makes me want to sit on a vespa on my wedding day instead of the common mercedes but I think it'll be so unglam haha.

My birthday gift from Arella, I put my mac charger and cable in it :)

Shall sleep soon cause my parents asked me to have a morning walk with them at bukit timah hill at 7am. So early, I really don't know if I can wake up, I might just sleep again.

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