02 January 2012

christmas in hainan

H&M Basics top, H&M knit cardigan, DIY skirt, UO tights, Forever 21 bag

This was what I wore on the last day of my trip to Hainan Island which was Christmas that day. Hainanese there do not really celebrate Christmas so there wasn't much Christmas mood around. So, its already 2012! I spent my New Year's Eve in church, watched the fireworks at Marina from my church, chit chat and ended up having 2 hours of sleep before the usual Sunday service, had to conquer dozing off to keep myself still awake throughout.

A little recap of 2011: I felt that it was a year I thought a lot. Whereby I think about my life and future and then I made a few relatively big decisions. I'm also very very thankful for my family and friends who went through the year together with me. For all the guidance, teachings, encouragements, prayers, joy etc we all shared, I will always cherish & be grateful. 2011 has a been year where there's definitely ups & downs and a lot of challenges but I learnt to have faith in God and overcome them. In fashion, I started to change my style step by step and focused the content of my blog if you looked back into the archives but of course, there's a lot more for me to improve and work on which I will. It is also a year I started to take fitness more seriously, to be exact, starting June. I felt I've grown a lot this year spiritually in God, mentally and physically (oops). I end of 2011 with a thankful heart & a heart open up to challenges I'll face, knowing that God will be always there to guide me!

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