03 January 2012

tsim sha sui

Zara dress, Calvin Klein blazer, DIY collared shirt, Hat and Celine-esque bag both from Hong Kong

Few snaps along the busy Nathan Road at Tsim Sha Sui just outside my guesthouse. Isn't this your first time seeing me in a hat? This is the last week of my holiday, I hope to rest well and enjoy this very last bit before my life, literally, gets taken away. I spent today with few friends photo shooting and filming! Outdoor shoots are always very taxing, especially in the harsh weather we're in, but I feel a sense of accomplishment reflecting back on the whole process and looking at what's being shot. My first time doing a film, worked together with a very good friend of mine, so I'm pretty excited to edit and see the end product! Will share some on the blog once I'm done collating and editing, lots of work to complete on post-shooting behind the laptop.

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