06 January 2012


An update of last month...

Satisfied my Marche cravings with Graceilia & Sarah, and received my belated birthday present which was a CD. In it is a video they made together with a song they sang!

Current scent which I love.

Dreams And Reality...Finally got to see Van Gogh's Starry Night right in front of me!

Another craving I had to satisfy especially during the school break.

A shot I took of the moon during the day of eclipse.

Do It Yourself lunch I made with my Mom.

Dim sum with my family in celebration of my Dad's birthday at Swatou restaurant. And my sister is a big fan of Har Kow.

Two collars I sew, wish I had more fabrics to experiment with.

Hainan. A rare sight to see cows cultivating along the long roads in China. A great opportunity to escape from city life for a moment and look at a different view of the world.

On board Logos Hope with Grace and Arella.

Mini books I bought on the cruise. So cute!

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