11 March 2012

In the Bag

The necessities I bring out almost everyday. From top left: Wallet from a random boutique at Macau, Vintage Gianni Versace key pouch, iPod Nano my dad bought since four years ago, trusty iPhone 4, thumbdrive, portable iPhone charger because I use my phone frequently, favourite pen I'm always using since Secondary school, notebook from Topshop and classic Ray Ban wayfarers. Sometimes it can be a hard to bring a small bag out because I have so many daily things to bring, especially my wallet which is too long to fit into small bags. Nothing really fanciful or gorgeous for my daily to-bring-out but I would like to give you guys a little insight of what you can find in my bag. Wearing a leopard shirt from Forever 21 and a sweater from Lucyd Acyd.


Elizabeth said...

Joey! I just realized that most of your things are black in color! So cool (:

Joey Low said...

Lol yeah I'm quite boring. But black is really the easiest and "normal" to go for!