02 March 2012

Instagram Goodness

#1 Will be working on the photos only after Yue Han's grad & my school break, way too busy now.  #2 Yh's videologue exhibit at my school, Back to Eden.

#3 Love Crabtree & Evelyn cookies.  #4 Fruit salad at Aunt's place.

#5, 6 Celebrating my adorable nephew's 1st birthday. My cousin filled the room will tiger themed balloons!

#7, 8 Outfits on the first few days of school 8 weeks back.

#9 Snapping with garbage bins.  #10 First day of Lunar New Year.

#11, 12 Chanel classics.

#13 Semiotics for cultural & contextual studies.  #14 En route to church on Sunday.

#15 Really awesome salted egg bun.  #16 Kakiage burger from MOS!

#17 Casting models for our fashion spread.  #18 Classmates & I in our $40 outfit.

#19 My dad handmade this for my mom on Valentine's – How sweet!  #20 I miss my Grandfather a lot.

#21 Ginette with Supermodel Me's host, Charmaine Harn sharing with us on working with models.  #22 Astreal playing for +65 Indie Weekend III.

#23 My classmates and my magazines.  #24 Some designs I did on typography x art movements.

#25 Favourite thai cafe!  #26 Extremely cute cups!

#27, 28 Half a day at the Peranakan Museum with Arella, we did hand painting and batik.

#29 Tomyam curry fish head, its heavens! #30 Currently addicted to this especially on such hot weather. But I've to make sure I don't over drink it.

#31, 32 Up at 4am and set off to a 12-hour shoot with my team yesterday. We were baked under the scorching sun and partially soaked from rain.

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