06 March 2012

New in

Three vintage pieces I welcome into my wardrobe and I got them at unbelievable prices! 2012 is a year with an intercalary day, which we know as the leap year and this year, I took a leap into prints. If you noticed, my dressing is rather minimalistic except for certain polkadot prints, knits or lace I wear at times, but they're generally basic design. And my colour palette ranges from black, grey, navy, white, burgundy. I've never dared to purchase a printed top or dress because I know I didn't have the courage to wear them out. However, today I've got one with such unique textured prints and it comes with little kaleidoscope looking buttons which I couldn't resist, so kudos to me!

You'd probably not see me in this burgundy coat anytime soon, perhaps at the end of the year if I travel to somewhere cold enough to wear out. The weather now in Singapore is literally like an oversized oven so its impossible for me to wear but the long cream blazer will be just nice. Too happy with my buys! Have a great week everyone!  xo

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