27 March 2012

Modern Day Approved

Vintage shirt, Topshop pants, Zara blazer, Tracyeinny shoes, Forever 21 ring

Probably five years ago, vintage wear had yet to be an on-going trend like it is right now. In the era where technology advances rapidly and avant garde fashion evolving since the millennium, a large part of fashion went back into the past and are now making its comeback. As we accept and welcome their return, they are newly made, hence vintage is something more exclusive than anything else you can find in a high street boutique. Its really honorable to dig out treasures from the past (ask your grandparents if they still kept some of their clothes!), style them to your preference (here I am a little boyish inspired that day) and wear them out without bothering if others comment how "granny" it might be to them. It is a leap of courage for me to wear prints out, I mentioned before on how I do not dare to wear prints but I'm starting to this year. Applause for me! Ps: Thank you Mom for the photographs!


kathy said...

adore your outfit!
the print is gorgeous :)

Joey Low said...

Thank you for your kind comments :)