21 March 2012

Rocket's Creator

Some time ago, I mentioned I had to do an interview with someone for a self created magazine I have to write on as part of my editorial module. I was very honoured to be able to meet up and interview renowned Fashion photographer, Ivanho Harlim! He is Indonesian born, Singapore based and has worked with several publications and models such as Cole Mohr and Yuri Pleskun.

He has also created his own zine called Rocket which eschews mainstream. Its where he can express his thoughts through his photography which he can't do with other magazines. The first issue covers Russian model Yuri Pleskun, the spread showcases the personality of Yuri which was what Ivan wanted to communicate through his images. He's a very down-to-earth person and I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to interview him. Here are some of the questions I'd be sharing here.

What’s the something you love about photography?
I’ve always liked the arts, the creative area. Initially when I took up photography, it was a fast turnover for man. If you paint, it takes longer hours but for photography, you do it instantly, you get the results quickly. I can still be creative and also make a living.

You’ve been doing photography for about 11 years now, how did you find out and develop your personal photography style from the start?
I got into it by chance. I did advertising at RMIT instead then made the switch to photography. How it develops was from my fonder for music and the bands’ imagery. When I was younger I always looked at pictures of band members and noticed the way they dress. My style has to do with the preference I have. When I take pictures, maybe not consciously, it tends to be more natural or cool. I started shooting with film cameras and since I wasn’t trained in photography and I didn’t have light, so everything was with natural light and I just experiment along but it started more candid.

You started “Rocket Zine”, what made you decide to start on that magazine?
It’s a vanity project, something I did out of free time. If I have no shoots, and slightly free that month, that zine kept me working and thinking. It was also for me to showcase what I can do which I can’t do with other magazines. Other magazines tend to be a requirement to promote the clothes. Sometimes when I shoot and I think the model is interesting, like the cover model Yuri, I felt he has got this personality, which I want to show so I don’t really need the clothes but just photograph him without clothes.

Lastly, what are some of your future plans or hopes for your career takings?
Moving overseas is always on my mind. Its more glamourous and happening in Europe but to move, it involves a lot of things. It entails a lot of savings to support myself and to get known there so it’s a new beginning. But to be honest, right now I have no idea how I can do that, it’s still a vague plan.

Once again, I'm extremely grateful to Ivan for taking time out and allowing me to interview him. Other than that, I got to hear of some of his thoughts about the industry and through his sharing, I hope that you have a better idea of him and what he do. I would like to work with him one day as I really like his works! You can check out more of his works here.

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