13 April 2013


Here are snippets of my life in the past weeks with iphone + instagram. Consists of a ton of eating, lack of exercise (but I will be back on my regime) and school work. Highly anticipating for the last week of April, which marks the end of my third year in Lasalle and the start of my 3 months school break. I can't wait to fill this blog with more less-mundane posts.

On a side note: I need a bagpack and a pair of trainers. A good and beautiful bagpack to save my back whenever I carry a ton of things out, especially almost everyday when I have to bring my laptop out. And a pair of trainers...Been thinking about New Balance for months now and as much as I tell myself not to get it cause everyone else has it, I still want it. I need it. Haven't settle on a design, but let me continue to think deeply about it, yet again.

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