22 April 2013


topshop tshirt & jeans/ thrifted jacket/ threadbare & squirrel laptop sleeve

This is probably the only jacket I'd wear now given the weather, because of its thin, airy material (sorry blazers and biker jacket, you'll hibernate in my wardrobe till later this year). I'm a sucker for weathers. Despite being a fashion student, I opt comfort over style (judging this based on the stereotyped views that fashion people never dress for comfort), or at least I try to dress well even when I'm going for comfort. Check back at my winter dressing, I'd pile on heaps of clothing to keep warm than shiver in the cold. My perfect weather would be: think Hong Kong in December – autumn, cool air, non humid, some sunshine.

And finally, well almost, a week left till my long awaited 3 months school break. Next week is a special week and I can't wait to explore around Singapore. Back to the weather matter, because it's really cooking me up, I'm hoping for good –no rain, no scorching sun, windy, cooling– weather please!

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