02 April 2013


"Hmmm..." That was the kind of reaction I had upon knowing this new collaboration Margiela recently had with G-Shock. Design wise, the margiela aesthetics is still alive. That sort of "oh it's a watch or is it a bangle or wait, it could be both" kind of idea which is what I love about the brand. However, apart from that, I'm skeptical – unsure of what the label is becoming.

I do feel sad for the founder Martin Margiela himself and I'm curious to know how he is coping witnessing his label collaborating with mainstream brands; firstly with H&M and now G-Shock. (He has retired as the creative director for those who did not know) That itself, is far from the ethos his label is suppose to be. As much as the aesthetics still belongs to the house of the triple M, I would like the original and true MMM to return please.

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