15 April 2013


There's no way for me to deny that basic tees should be in every woman's wardrobe, especially for Singaporean women. Those who have never been to this little red dot (a term to describe our country), here's a little geographical info: we're located 1 degree North above the equator, it's humid even when it rains and cool weathers are rare. This current season is basically scorching sun + humidity at 100%.

I've honestly stopped wearing all my jackets and blazers unless I'd be in an air-conditioned space the entire day. I need my basic tees more than ever (been wearing the above black tee about thrice a week albeit holes are appearing now), and can I ever stop saying how versatile they are?

It is time to be back on hunt for good quality tee in various styles and in my usual colour palette. Can't wait to do a post one day with all the basics I've collected in the near future.

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