11 August 2013


Ring from Hardware store / Pure silver bangle with my mandarin name engraved on the inside, from Yunnan

You know you've put on weight when you see your double chin appearing. I am not surprised by that, as a matter of fact because I've had four buffets in a month. In addition, I admit I haven't ran since a month ago. Some hopes in motivation, I just received a new pair of comfy running tights which will partly facilitate my 5-6km run better.

Fitness aside, my dad greeted me with a look of displease upon seeing this hardware ring I wore. Honestly I've no idea what it was intended for, but saw it as a ring (and it could fit my finger) until my parents enlightened me that its used to tighten pipes or tubes. Regardless of that, it's still a ring to me. On my free time, I shall see what else I can fished out from the sea of tiny objects at the hardware store.

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