17 August 2013


Sometimes I wonder why I like to DIY. Failure happened too many times prior to my recent DIYs. Even the ones you're seeing now, they may look nice on the outside, what's within it is...hmm not so. It's not terribly bad but just not well done. Albeit the failure or ugliness, I still enjoy making things.

Doing things yourself are (personally I feel with observation) for the ones with crafty fingers and mind, the time, not lazy, willing to keep trying, never mind the imperfections. I tend to notice that wealthier people are less keen in making their own things, cause they probably have the financial capabilities to just buy it than to spend time getting materials and making them. But I'm not saying wealthier ones can't join in the DIY bandwagon. While some just hate crafts or sewing to death.

Now I learnt to plan and sketch my ideas before I start lest failures or any undesired results, which really helped me in the process a lot. And documenting the process is a nice way to archive your works when you look back at them in the future.

I have yet to answer why I like to DIY. On almost every posts related to it, I'll mention about that sense of accomplishment – "Woah, I made this! Can't believe it." That excites me. I'll find references to follow, but the fun part of it is to tweak details to what you prefer, like cooking. And your end result will be different from what everyone else already had. I don't really like getting what others already had (exceptions to my New Balance, I don't know how to make shoes). My favourite so far is the Celine-esque trio. Initially I wanted 3 rectangle pouches to make it, but I found trapezium and the gold chain instead and thought its interesting and unique compared to the normal. Of course DIYs means the quality and workmanship varies from the actual store products, but I don't mind that for the cheap thrills and fun in exchange. Like my cooking documentaries on Instagram (#makanwithjoey), I name it #joeydoesdiy.

Having said that, there are things you can't really do on my own, unless you're really good with sewing and drafting skills. For me I can't make shoes or bigger bags etc. I'm actually looking into investing in a long lasting good quality bag for long term use but haven't start any savings on it yet. We shall see how, maybe plans for next year. Till then, just DIY!

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