29 August 2013


Bag from Hong Kong / Macbook Pro 13" / iPod Nano / Muji waterbottle / chargers for laptop and iPhone / little pouch from The Gift of Time Hermes to keep my chargers / DIY wallet and notebook / Pen from local stationeries store / Pencil from Muji

So what's inside my bag today? Today is just a normal day out to school. In fact, I'm typing this now as I wait for class to start (and multitasking in designing packaging for a project that is to due soon). I bring essential things I need for the day than to bring the unnecessaries. I don't feel I'll be wearing my Ray Bans today, so I left it at home. I have had pain in the ass body moments when I have to lug a bag weighing a ton around, and that's not fun at all. So now I learnt to spare a few minutes considering carefully what's essential to pack out for the day, whilst not lacking what I need.


Anonymous said...

You have such good taste! I love how your things are so minimalistic (if that is the apt word to describe your style)! I think it's amazing that you DIY-ed your wallet and notebook. By the way, how much was your MUJI waterbottle?

Joey Low said...

Hi! Thank you for your compliments :) I am pretty much minimal in my style though I can be get very casual at times. The Muji bottle is about SGD $13, can't remember the exact price. But if you're the kind who likes to drink a lot of water, I don't suggest that because I realised you have to refill it really quickly as the capacity is quite small. Have a great week ahead :)