25 August 2013


01  Liu Sa Pao (Chinese salted egg bun) which tastes heavenly but so high in calorie.
02  I'm not a very watch person but I've got a new watch in rose gold which my dad got years back but never wore it so he passed them to me!
03  Oddly shaped pancakes breakfast with anti-oxidants.
04  What you can do while waiting for the bus.

It dawned upon me that my photos on Instagram from 4 weeks ago were just these. There are more uploaded actually but they're selections I've taken from the blog, and these are shot with the iphone. After 3 months not getting the Monday Blues, I'm starting to feel a pang of it on a Sunday night as I am reminded of a long Monday at school. To make the blue feeling go "deeper", this is just the beginning to another 12 more weeks to go.

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